Narda Shamoo & Conditioner


Acacia Concinna, Litsea, Henna

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Narda Shamoo & Conditioner Acacia Concinna, Litsea, Henna

Acacia concinna, Henna, and natural foam from Litsea leaves, it would help to prevent hair loss, strengthen hair roots & hair thickness. Formulated to combat itchy scalp and dandruff. It would deeply moisturize and detangle hair for improved smoothness, condition and manageability

Benefits of Different Herbs

  • Acacia cocinna – prevent dandruff, stimulate hair growth, anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties


  • Litsea – natural foam, reduce chemical residues on scalp, strengthen hair roots

  • Henna – aids to promote  hair growth assisting in improving healthy hair follicles, prevent itchy scalp


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