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Bergamot, Moringa, Litsea

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Narda Shampoo & Conditoner Bergamot, Moringa, Litsea

Bergamot & Moringa help strengthen hair roots and promote faster hair growth. Natural foam from Litsea aids to reduce chemical residues preventing hair fall. Deep cleansing and combat oily scalp. It is a great treatment for split-ends, dry and brittle hair uplifting volume and thickness leaving hair full, strong and shiny.

 Benefits of Different Herbs

  • Bergamot – strengthen hair roots, prevent hair fall, anti-dandruff, prevent split-ends

  • Moringa – improve hair growth and help damaged hair follicles recover more quickly, reduce hair falling, prevent itchy scalp

  • Litsea – natural foam, reduce chemical residues on scalp, strengthen hair roots

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