U&I Spa Soap


Tomato, Vitamin C, Pomegranate


U&I Spa Soap Tomato, Vitamin C, Pomegranate

Tomato, Vitamin C and Pomegranate aid to brighten, moisturize & prevent wrinkles. They help combat acne & keep your skin soft, smooth and glowing.

Size : 100g

Benefits of Tomato
  • Help clean, tighten and reduce oiliness of skin
  • Reduce open pores & blackheads
  • Lighten & refresh your skin
  • Hydrate & tone your skin keeping it supple & smooth
Benefits of Pomegranate
  • Maintain moisture preventing dryness of skin
  • Delay skin aging & wrinkles by promoting skin cell growth
  • To remove dark spots, lighten acne scars and brightens the skin naturally

Benefits of Vitamin C

  • Stimulate collagen production improving skin texture & quality
  • Brightens the skin and helps fade dark spots,
  • High in antioxidant repairing free radical damages; preventing premature aging of skin


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