U&I Collagen


Collagen & Vit E Gel Cream


U&I Collagen + Vit E Gel Cream

Intensive  marine collagen, helps reduce appearance of wrinkles, increases skin hydration, and repairs skin damage. Vit-E & Aloe vera would delay signs of skin aging, regulate the renewal cycle of the skin, and act as moisturizer to help keep your skin looking plump, lifted, and line-free.

Benefits of Collagen

  • High antioxidant preventing free radicals from deteriorating skin cells
  • Prevent premature aging of skin
  • Promote elasticity of skin & tightening skin preventing wrinkles & fine lines
  • Moisturize & soften skin
  • Prevent dark spots
  • Fill the scars caused by acne making your skin smooth
Benefits of Aloe Vera
  • Great moisturizer
  • Soften and tighten skin
  • Soothing and reduce pain from skin burn (sunburn, heat burn, etc.)
  • Fasten skin cell regeneration rate preventing dark spots and scars (pimples, laser marks, mosquito bites, etc.)

Size :  60g
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