U&I Deo Powder


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U&I Deo Powder

24hrs protection against unpleasant odor. Natural effective alum deodorant in powder form that does not only prevent bad odor but also act as sweat absorber without obstructing the natural mechanism to transpire water. Prevent odor-causing bacteria. Not sticky. A great protection from dark underarm. Doesn’t leave stains on clothes. Free from harmful chemicals. No alcohol. No aluminium chlorohydrate. Preservatives free.

Direction :

Apply to underarms, or put in the shoes, closets, etc. to prevent bad odor.
Alum benefits

  1. 1. Prevent odor-causing bacteria
  2. Long lasting effectiveness
  3. Preservatives Free (Parabens free)
  4. No Alcohol
  5. Reduce chemical residues on skin
  6. Prevent dark underarms
  7. Does not clog skin pores
  8. Not sticky and comfortably dry
  9. Does not leave stains on clothes
  10. Save more! (1 piece can be used for over 1 year)

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